Why the Seattle Seahawks will win Super Bowl XLVIII


Perhaps you’ve heard the Seattle Seahawks of the NFC and the Denver Broncos of the AFC will play in Super Bowl XLVIII, the National Football League’s championship game, on Sunday.

Countless analysts appeared on television this week giving their “expert” opinion as to what team they think will win. The truth is you don’t need to know anything about football to know who will win the Super Bowl.

Seattle will win. Here are 10 reasons why.


The NFC champion is 6-5 in the Super Bowl in years the FIFA World Cup takes place.


The NFC champion is 3-1 in the Super Bowl since Chris Christie became New Jersey’s governor.


Teams that wear white jerseys in the Super Bowl are 29-18.


The NFC champion is 21-13 in the Super Bowl since McDonald’s introduced the Happy Meal.


The NFC champion is 4-2 in the Super Bowl since Mad Men premiered.


The NFC champion is 3-2 in the Super Bowl in years a new New York City mayor takes office.


The NFC champion is 9-5 in the Super Bowl in years a Big Ten school wins the Rose Bowl.


The Broncos are 0-3 when they wear orange jerseys in the Super Bowl.


The NFC champion is 13-7 in Super Bowls in years a venue hosts the game for the first time.


The NFC champion is 14-9 in even-numbered Super Bowls.


Based on these facts, the Seahawks will win on Sunday. How will they win the game? What players will make the most impact? Will Richard Sherman take a bite out of a microphone if Erin Andrews interviews after the game? That’s for the football “experts” to figure out.