The Michaels and Collinsworth Cliché Carousel: Broncos at Patriots


This blog series follows clichés said by Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth in NBC Sunday Night Football games this season, using the following scoring system:

Clichés: one point

(*Clichés that appear in the Snickers Broadcast Bingo advertisement=two points*) are as follows:

he gives 110 percent, they’re playing smashmouth football, he ran out of real estate, they’re playing against the clock, tack on an extra point, time to go out and execute, marching down the field, they’re in the red zone, time to go big or go home, bet they’d like to have that one back, these guys have got to stick to the game plan, he’s their go-to guy, they can practically taste victory, it’s gonna take a miracle, he’s got a quick first step, gonna have to settle for three, it is what it is, they left it all on the field, he’s got all day to throw it, now they’re just running out the clock, they’ve got to control the line of scrimmage, that’s key to the game, this guy just loves football, it’s gut-check time

Bingos: five points


Game XIII: Denver Broncos (31) at New England Patriots (34)-Nov. 24

  1. One of those games you want to savor-Michaels
  2. A lot of mixing and matching-Michaels
  3. Another big break-Michaels
  4. Short of the first down-Michaels
  5. A big hole-Michaels
  6. A big part of this passing game-Collinsworth
  7. What a difference he’s made-Collinsworth
  8. Ridley coughed it up-Michaels
  9. Coughs it up again-Michaels
  10. Explosive play-Collinsworth
  11. Killed off one of those possessions-Collinsworth
  12. Having a banner season-Michaels
  13. The ball is loose-Michaels
  14. A different story-Michaels
  15. Came out flying-Collinsworth
  16. He’s the closer-Collinsworth
  17. A huge break-Collinsworth
  18. Fights his way-Michaels
  19. Completely banged up-Michaels
  20. Huge hole-Michaels
  21. Settle for a field goal attempt*-Michaels
  22. Having a banner year-Michaels
  23. It’s been a nightmare quarter-Michaels
  24. The big story-Michaels
  25. Have his hands full-Collinsworth
  26. A different story-Collinsworth
  27. Licking his chops-Michaels
  28. Big hole-Michaels
  29. Presence of mind-Collinsworth
  30. Right of the bat-Michaels
  31. Manning hits the deck-Michaels
  32. Picks up the first down-Michaels
  33. A big uphill battle-Michaels
  34. A different cast of characters-Collinsworth
  35. Took a shot-Collinsworth
  36. That opened up the flood gates-Michaels
  37. Chew up some clock-Michaels
  38. Run the clock out-Michaels
  39. Wore out his welcome-Michaels
  40. The killer-Collinsworth
  41. On the other side of the coin-Michaels
  42. Move the chains-Michaels
  43. Slings it-Michaels
  44. Took a shot-Collinsworth
  45. They got away with one-Collinsworth
  46. Getting on the board-Michaels
  47. Call his number-Michaels
  48. Move the chains-Michaels
  49. Fallen under the spell-Collinsworth
  50. Ball is still loose-Michaels
  51. At the end of the day-Michaels
  52. It’s like a circus-Collinsworth
  53. A golden opportunity-Michaels
  54. Brady back to work-Michaels
  55. Just short-Michaels
  56. Big boy football-Collinsworth
  57. Call Moreno’s number-Michaels
  58. Big boy football-Collinsworth
  59. Let them play football-Collinsworth
  60. Start from scratch-Collinsworth
  61. A nightmare-Collinsworth
  62. Settle for a field goal attempt*-Michaels
  63. Settle for the field goal*-Collinsworth
  64. A huge night-Collinsworth
  65. Moves the chains-Michaels
  66. Big hole-Michaels
  67. He is razor sharpe-Collinsworth
  68. One of those monsters-Collinsworth
  69. Brady will go to work-Michaels
  70. Short of the first down-Michaels
  71. Hanging right with him-Michaels
  72. Manning ready to go to work-Michaels
  73. Should move the chains-Michaels
  74. Take a shot-Collinsworth
  75. Let the clock run all the way down-Michaels
  76. Just another one for the history books-Collinsworth
  77. Peyton Manning will go to work-Michaels
  78. Huge hole-Michaels
  79. Just a little short-Michaels
  80. Brady goes to work-Michaels
  81. That will move the chains-Michaels
  82. Fighting for their lives-Michaels
  83. Put the heat on-Michaels
  84. Could be the killer-Michaels
  85. Teams that looked like they were dead-Michaels
    Miscellaneous clichés: 82

    Snickers Broadcast Bingo clichés: three  (six bonus points)

    Total clichés: 85

    Bingos: zero

    Total score: 88


    Total Michaels clichés: 57 (731 total, 56.2 average)

    Total Collinsworth clichés: 28 (633 total, 48.7 average)

    Most used Michaels cliché: goes to work (28 times)

    Most used Collinsworth cliché: win/lose (a few) battles (21 times)



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