Introducing the NBTA (National Basketball Twitter Association)


            National Basketball Association franchises have connected with many fans by promoting and maintaining an official team Twitter account. But are some teams better at adding Twitter followers than others?

During the 2013-14 NBA season, this blog will NBTA (the National Basketball Twitter Association) games. These “Twitter” games will simulate the daily match-ups of the NBA season. But instead of tracking what teams scores more points in 48 minutes, these games will track what teams adds more Twitter followers over the 24 hours of its game day. In the event of a tie, the game will go into a six-hour overtime period. The league standings will track wins, losses, conference record and average added followers per game.

     Exhibition example:

Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers-Saturday, Oct. 26

12 a.m. 10/26

12 a.m. 10/27

Added followers


1,906,455 followers (@MiamiHEAT)


2,298 followers (winner)


3,421,187 followers (@Lakers)



In this exhibition, Miami wins the Twitter game 2,298-1,595 and receives a win in the standings, while the Lakers receive a loss.

This blog will track NBA “Twitter” match-ups each game day this season. Please follow this unique social media/basketball adventure beginning Oct. 29.

Oct. 29, 2013 games

Orlando Magic (1,132,362 followers) at Indiana Pacers (257,219 followers)

Chicago Bulls (1,126,140 followers) at Miami Heat (1,914,016 followers)

Los Angeles Clippers (410,665 followers) at Los Angeles Lakers (3,426,490 followers)


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